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Aquafaba tip

Aquafaba tip




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When you drain your chick peas, don’t throw away the liquid! Called aquafaba, the liquid in every can of Graves Chick Peas is a remarkably versatile ingredient. All you need to do is drain the can over a strainer, collect the liquid and voila – aquafaba!


Liquid from a can of Graves chick peas


Aquafaba works great as an egg substitute in baking, or as a way to thicken soups or sauces.

To take your aquafaba to the next level, whip it with a hand or stand mixer for 3 – 6 minutes until it’s fluffy. It’s a fantastic substitute for whipped egg whites in desserts like meringues or waffles or as a binder in savoury recipes.

Best of all, aquafaba is a zero-waste ingredient.

Some of our favourite uses for aquafaba:

  • As an emulsifier in salad dressings – try whipped aquafaba in your next homemade Caesar salad dressing or added to a vinaigrette to make it creamy.
  • In coconut macaroons instead of egg whites – yum!
  • Un-whipped, use it to thicken gravy.
  • As a binder in our chickpea nuggets recipe.

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